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A study of the modelling of a microgrid and its Power Management System

This project involved designing an islanded system supplied by a collection of multiple renewable electrical energy sources . The inhomogeneous character of the sources (wind turbines, fuel cells, diesel generators, etc.) required a suitable control system to be defined. [...]

Modelling the electrical supply system for the JT-60 tokamak in Japan

In order to accompany the nuclear fusion research activities of the ITER project, it has proved necessary to improve the Japanese JT60 fusion reactor (tokamak). Capsim has participated in the design of the project by modelling all of the electrical supply infrastructure and by simulating the current draw necessary for a plasma shot.
The objective was to evaluate the impact in terms of the active power, reactive power, frequency and voltage of the network, and to verify the correct sizing of the equipment that makes up the system. [...]

Modelling an electromagnetic lifting system

The system studied is composed of vertical rods whose lower ends are immersed in a liquid under pressure. Vertical displacement of the rods is achieved using grippers activated by induction coils.
In order to identify the failure risks of the system as part of the modification of its control system, it was necessary to evaluate the influence of the various parameters on the displacement controls for these rods. To achieve this, a model was produced using PSIM software. [...]

Study of the choice of DC voltage level within a photovoltaic power station

The breakthroughs in the field of power electronics regarding on one hand photovoltaic panels and on the other hand enable to consider higher levels of DC distribution voltage within PV power stations. Indeed, for a given photovoltaic power, the increase in distribution voltage allows decreasing the current to be delivered to the network, and therefore to limit the cable distances required and distribution losses. These advantages must however be compared to technical-economic issues that an increase in distribution voltage may represent: availability of equipment from manufacturers, higher purchase costs, technical uncertaintiesů).
Our client requested us for quantifying the technical-economic impact of increasing the DC voltage to 1500V, and then to 3000V (initially planned to be at 1000V) of their several MWs PV power station. [...]

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